Dr Okeoma John-Paul Okeke

Dr Okeoma John-Paul Okeke BSc, PGCert, MA, PhD, ALTHE, AFHEA

  • Programme Manager
  • DBA Supervisor

E-mail: Okeoma.Okeke@uwtsd.ac.uk

Role in the University

  • Programme Manager for the BA (Hons) Business Management programme
  • Programme Manager for Part II of the Doctor of Business Administration programme
  • DBA Supervisor


John-Paul obtained his DBA from the University of East London. He gained his master's degree from the London Metropolitan University and undertook a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Professional Certificate programme in Marketing and Digital Marketing at the London School of Business and Finance. His doctoral research at the University of East London was on Human Resource Management with a focus on Knowledge Management. John-Paul, through academia, uses his networks to reach out beyond the intellectual confines of business studies to the broader academic realism of our contemporary society.

Before joining UWTSD London, John-Paul worked in the Haulage and Logistics industry. He has worked with Kaplan UK, INTO World Education Centre London and has a background teaching across all levels with international students in the UK. John-Paul has a range of experiences having worked in the private UK leisure and hospitality sector in the UK as well as the public sector experiences during his time at the London Borough of Hackney.

Member of

  • British Academy of Management
  • Higher Education Academy (Associate Fellow)

Academic Interests

John-Paul’s varied background supports his delivery of a broad range of modules across all levels which includes but not limited to the following; Business and Financial Environments, Managing People, Managing Performance, Business Ethics, Human Resources Management, Leadership and Management, Strategic management, Marketing, International Marketing, Tourism Management, Operational Skills for Hospitality and Tourism Management, Management just to mention a few.

Research Interests

John-Paul has research interests in research that are qualitative research, phenomenology, quantitative research, business ethics, corporate social responsibility,  knowledge management, HR-related topics, entrepreneurship, organisational change, green technology, sustainable development and globalisation, research in health and social care within the UK. John-Paul currently supervises Doctoral students and have successful Doctoral completions. Supervision experiences include MBA and Undergraduate students undertaking business-related research. 

Enterprise, Commercial & Consultancy Activities

John-Paul played a key role in ensuring the successful re-launch of the Knowledge Management (KM) team with the Research and Development department at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. He structured and implemented programmes and policies in the areas of KM training, KM compensation structures, KM benefits packages, incentives, and new-employee orientation.

John-Paul also developed and proposed a new strategy for efficiently solving knowledge management problems in entrepreneurial projects that have been focused on the application of indigenous knowledge economy.

In a departmental project carried out with Professor Ezendu Ariwa, an energy-efficient approach that was based on promoting green technology at London Metropolitan Business School was developed.


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Okeoma John-Paul Okeke (2017) “A personal reflection on a Doctoral Research on Knowledge Management (KM) through an Afrocentric lens in a Nigerian Corporation”. The African Journal of Information Systems (AJIS) Vol. 10 (1), Article 3 

Selected paper presentations

6th International Symposium on Parallel Computing in Electrical. Paper topic: Green Technology and Corporate Sustainability in Developing Economy. Engineering, 4th -5th April 2011, Bedfordshire, England, UK. 

British Academy of Management BAM2013. Paper topic: Knowledge Management; A case study of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), 12th September 2013, Liverpool, England, UK. 

9th NARTI Annual Doctoral Conference 2014. Paper Topic: Research Method for Studying Knowledge Management in complex environments, 9th - 10th June 2014, Keele Management School, UK. 

15th European Conference on Knowledge Management – (ECKM 2014) Paper Topic: Knowledge Management; A case study of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), 4th – 5th September 2014, Santarém, Portugal 

10th NARTI Annual Doctoral Conference 2015. Paper Topic: Research Method for Studying Knowledge Management in complex environments, 3rd – 4th June 2015, Weetwood Hall, Leeds, UK. 

11th NARTI Annual Doctoral Conference 2016. Paper Topic: Advocating the use of Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) to understand the knowledge management experiences of organisations, 13th -14th September 2016, Sheffield Hallam University, UK 

Additional Information

Dr John-Paul Okeke has served in the past on the editorial board of international journals with peer review experiences for the following accredited academic journals.

Peer reviewer: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference papers (2013).

Peer Reviewer: British Academy of Management Conference papers (2016).

Peer-Reviewer (OSPEERS): International Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing (2017).

Scientific Committee Member: Algerian Scientific Journal (2017).

Peer-Reviewer: African Journal of Information Systems (AJIS) 2017.

As the former International coordinator of SudanKnowledge and the World Association of Sustainable Development (WASD), John-Paul and Prof Allam Ahmed successfully organised the 4th Diaspora International Conference themed “TOGETHER THE WORLD IS BETTER” Hilton London Canary Wharf, London, United Kingdom on the 8th July 2017.

John-Paul is contributed passionately in events for international student recruitment and the promotion of UK international educational in his role as a Business Lecturer with INTO World Education Centre.

John-Paul in his spare time volunteers at events for students aimed at building their confidence in academic achievement and motivation. John-Paul draws on his previous experiences as a Post-Graduate Peer Mentor- the University of East London which sees provide pastoral support to students across all levels.