Dr Mushfiqur Rahman

Dr Mushfiqur Rahman PhD

  • Lecturer
  • DBA Supervisor

E-mail: m.rahman@uwtsd.ac.uk

Role in the University

  • Lecturer
  • DBA Supervisor


After completing his first degree, Mushfiqur obtained an MBA degree and later another MSc in Human Resource Management and Employment Relations. He earned his PhD in Electronic Human Resources Management (e-HRM) as well as completed the Graduate Learning and Teaching Programme (GLTP) from Brunel Business School, Brunel University London. He also successfully passed a program on academic writing and reading at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. He has experience working in leadership positions in corporate fields for many years before venturing into the academia, now amounting to upwards of ten years in teaching experience. 

Academic Interests

As a lecturer in business and management Mushfiqur teaches several business courses covering human resource management as well as leadership. In addition to this, he also supervises DBA students.

Research Interests

Mushfiqur’s research areas include HRM, e-HRM, work-life balance and sustainability.


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Rahman, M., and Mordi, C., and U. Nwagbara., (2018). Factors Influencing e-HRM Implementation in Government Organisations: Case studies from Bangladesh. - Journal of Enterprise Information Management.

Ismail E., Abdulaziz E., and Rahman M., (2018). "Text me on WhatsApp, let’s talk about brands! The power of mobile word of mouth on mobile purchase intention." The International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising.

Additional Information

Mushfiqur takes part in the British Academy of Management (BAM) conferences as well as organising conferences suchas as BOR in 2019 and the EBOR conference in November 2020 in Turkey.