Dr Gladius Kulothungan

Dr Gladius Kulothungan

  • Programme Manager
  • Senior Lecturer

E-mail: g.kulothungan@uwtsd.ac.uk

Role in the University

  • Programme Manager for the Master of Business Administration programme
  • Lecturer


Gladius teaches, researches, and facilitates business and social innovation and entrepreneurship and management in the UK, Europe and Asia. He has been a Senior Lecturer at the University of East London and a visiting lecturer at Roskilde University, Denmark. He is a Fellow of the Innovation (I3) Centre at University of Greenwich; and is currently a Programme Manager/Senior Lecturer at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David in, London, UK, managing the MBA Programme and teaching at the DBA, PG & UG levels.

Gladius has a practitioner background, having initiated and led several businesses, NGOs and social enterprises and holding top management positions such as MD, CEO, COO etc. in the private, public and voluntary sectors in Asia and Europe. Gladius has specialism, expertise, and experience in Business and Social Innovation, Business and Social Entrepreneurship, Organisational Development/Leadership,
Social theory and Business Ethics as an educator, researcher and facilitator.

Gladius is also an expert in Higher Education course design, having created a BA in Social Enterprise, the very first kind of it globally; as well as an MA in Social Enterprise (Health & Social Care) at the University of East London. His skill sets include filmmaking and television production, having made mainstream movies in South India and executive producing prime time English TV drama in Singapore.

Gladius led the BA Social Enterprise programme, also known as "Communiversity", at the University of East London, leading on it as the Programme Leader for ten years. This unique programme, delivered in collaboration with the leading social enterprise in East London, the Bromley by Bow Centre, worked with community workers across London and built their capacity to initiate, set up, and operate businesses and social enterprises across the different boroughs of London. The focus was on creating routes for upward mobility for marginalised groups through social innovation. Many of these social enterprises have become extremely successful, generating sustainable livelihoods for marginalised people locally and winning national awards.

Gladius has conducted numerous training sessions in Denmark as part of the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, Roskilde University’s Capacity Building Initiative resulting in the upskilling of various minority business and social entrepreneurs in the Copenhagen area. He has supervised PG students on their dissertations and is currently supervising DBA students.

Gladius has been invited across the world to locations such as Vietnam, Tanzania, Japan, India, and the Middle East to train budding entrepreneurs in the dynamics of business and social innovation and to facilitate the teaching of business and social entrepreneurship in formal and civil society settings. 

Gladius obtained his PhD in Social Entrepreneurship from Roskilde University, Denmark. He has published numerous articles on innovation and entrepreneurship in academic journals; besides presenting research findings at various International conferences across the globe.

Member of

  • Fellow of Chartered Management Institute, UK (Fellow)
  • Social Enterprise Research Association, Japan
  • Dynamic Network (NGOs & Social Enterprises) (Founder & President)
  • South Indian Film Directors’ Association
  • British Academy of Management
  • EMES International Research Network
  • i3 Innovation Centre, Greenwich University (Fellow)

Academic Interests

Gladius' academic interests include Business Models and Social Innovation, Strategic Management, Strategic Change and Organisations, Social Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Organisation Design and Development, Approaches to Research and Academic Communications, Research Methods, Business Ethics, Organisational Behaviour.

Gladius has over 15 years in teaching in the UK, Denmark and Japan. He has taught in overseas universities such as Roskilde University, Denmark (2006-2012), Rikkyo University, Tokyo (March, 2012), VIA University College, Denmark (2017 - present), Copenhagen University College, Denmark (2019 - present).

Research Interests

Gladius’ research areas are: business models innovation including social innovation; business and social entrepreneurship; managing social enterprises in complex environments; design of innovative organisational architectures; global business, management, leadership and innovation in organisations; co-production and co-creation in welfare service provision, social innovation in public management, political economy, social policy, business ethics

Gladius' current research projects include:

  •  ‘Spirituality as springboard for social Innovation’ – Joint research with Professor Lars Hulgard, Roskilde University, Denmark
  • ‘Public service Infrastructure as commons owned by taxpayers – an econometric forecasting’ Joint research with Professor Simplice Asongu, African Governance and Development Institute, Yaeounde, Cameroon (In development)
  • ‘Role of social ventures in attaining sustainable development goals (SDGs)’ - with Professor Lawrence Surendra, Sustainability Platform, Asia, Bangalore, India (In development)
  • ‘Role of right-wing nationalism in the rise of inequality in India’ – with Professor (Emeritus) Bernard Shaw, Madurai Kamaraj University, India

Gladius currently provides research supervision for DBA and MBA students at UWTSD London. He has previously provided supervision for BA Social Enterprise students studying at the University of East London from 2006 - 2013. He has also supervised 2 PhD students at Roskilde University, Denmark.

Enterprise, Commercial & Consultancy Activities

Gladius is a member of the Board of Directors for Rock Foundation (a private Limited Company involved in low cost housing in Madurai, India). He is also a Director of BLC Trading Limited, UK (a Fair Trade organisation promoting of ethically sourced natural and organic plant-based ingredients for cosmetic products).

Gladius has provided consultancy for enterprises such as:

  • EMES International Research Network, Belgium
  • Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, Denmark
  • Social Enterprise Association, Japan
  • Community Links, London
  • Bonny Downs Community Association, London
  • Dynamic Network, India
  • RUSWA, India
  • Crest Communication Ltd, India
  • Media International, India
  • Bromley by Bow Centre, London
  • Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, London
  • Profit Group, WLL, Qatar
  • Summit Private Limited, Qatar


Authored books:

Kulothungan, G (2017), GENESIS OF SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: An exploration through case studies, Scholars’ Press, Frankfurt, Germany – 223 pages

Kulothungan, G & Shaw, B (2020) Mutuality and Self help: Bottom up initiatives for Community Development in South India, New Century Book House, Chennai, India (In revision)

Kulothungan, G & Shaw, B (2020) Cultural Symbiosis and Neo-Colonial Strategies of Domination: the Indian Metamorphosis, New Century Book House, Chennai, India (In revision)

Kulothungan, G (2021) The Socio-Charismatic Construction of Reality, Verlag Sordon, Gottingen, Munich, Germany (In preparation)

Books edited:

Weber W & Kulothungan G (Eds) (2010) Peter Drucker’s Next Management: New Institutions, New theories and Practices, Verlag Sordon, Gottingen, Munich, Germany – 251 pages

Articles and chapters in edited books:

Kulothungan, G (2021) Ethical Imperatives of Economic Institutions: A contemporary review, in Faldetta et.al (Eds.), Philosophy for Business Ethics, Palgrave, London

Kulothungan, G et.al (2018), Managing Uncertainty in small social enterprises: The Cynefin-Bricolage Framework, in, Value Creation for micro and small social enterprises, Maher, C (Ed.) 2018, IGI Global Publishers
Kulothungan, G (2016), What do we mean by ‘social enterprise’? Defining Social Entrepreneurship, Chapter in Social Entrepreneurship, a skills-based approach, Gunn & Durkin, Policy Press, UK
Kulothungan, G (2010) Peter Drucker and the rise of Maternalist Capitalism, in Peter Drucker’s Next Management: New Institutions, New theories and Practices, Verlag Sordon, Gottingen

Bisballe, L and Kulothungan, G (2009) Competencies versus Institutional Support for Ethnic Minority Social Entreprneurs in Denmark (in Danish), in Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Southern Danish University Publication, Denmark

Kulothungan, Gladius, (2008), Social Entrepreneurship – Ethical response to Social Inequality? In Applied Ethics: Perspectives from Asia and Beyond, Sapporo, University of Hokkaido Publication

Refereed articles in Academic Journals:

Kulothungan, G (2021) Political Economy: Reimagined and Redesigned – Innovative Research Design with Pragmatic Research Methodology, SAGE Research Methods Cases (accepted and under review).

Kulothungan, G (2021) The process of new social venture formation: An exploration through case studies, Journal of Business Venturing, Elsevier (under consideration)

Kulothungan, G and Oham, C (2019) Experiences of Researching a Social Phenomenon with Intangible Triggers: Using the Case Study Method, SAGE Research Method Cases

Other refereed articles:

Hulgard L and Kulothungan G (2021) Transformative eco-social and economic initiatives at the micro level: a transmuted ‘double movement’ on the journey to economic democracy’, Panel Discussion Lead Presentation, 4th EMES-Polanyi International Seminar, Paris

Kulothungan, G (2021) Public-Social Venture Partnerships as transmuted re-commodification: Towards the horizon of concrete possibilities in attaining economic democracy, Conference Paper, 4th EMES-Polanyi International Seminar, Paris

Other refereed conference contributions:

Kulothungan, G & Oham, C (2017) ‘Social Learning Pedagogy for Activist-Practitioners’ Paper presented at Higher Education Entrepreneurship Group at Oxford, June 2017

Kulothungan, G (2013) ‘Beyond Bourdieu: Towards a New Theory of Social Practice’ Paper Presented at the European Sociology Association 11th Annual Conference, Aug. 2013, Turin, Italy

Kulothungan, G (2013) ‘The role of emotions in social enterprise formation’ Paper Presented at the European Sociology Association 11th Annual Conference, Aug. 2013, Turin, Italy

Kulothungan, G (2012) "Genesis of social entrepreneurship - a micro sociological analysis," Paper presented at 10th International Conference of ISTR, July 2012, Sienna, Italy
Kulothungan, G (2011), The primacy of social ‘context’ and social ‘interactions’ in the emergence of social entrepreneurship: towards a micro-sociological understanding, Paper presented at 3rd EMES International Research Conference on Social Enterprise, July 2011, Roskilde University, Denmark

Kulothungan, G (2009), "Evaluating the Ethical Imperatives of Economic Institutions --a Critical Look at Discussion of Business Ethics" Paper presented at The 4th International Conference on Applied Ethics, Nov, 2009, University of Hokkaido, Sapporo, Japan

Kulothungan, G, 2006 Social Enterprise- Emergence of a Maternalist Capitalism? Paper presented at the Social Enterprise research Conference, South Bank University, London, June, 20, 2006

Kulothungan, G, 2005 Calling A Spade a Tool: Towards an Ontology of Organisations, Conference Paper, International Philosophy of Management Conference, Oxford University, July 2005

Kulothungan, G, 1999 Thinking outside the box, Asian Media Information and Communication Centre 8th Annual Conference, Chennai, India, Conference Paper, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Kulothungan, G, 1989 Science, Technology & The future of complexity; World Future Studies
Conference, Berlin, 1989, Conference paper, German Development Foundation

Review articles:

  • Reviewer for European Association of Management conferences and journal
  • Reviewer, Academy of Management, USA
  • Reviewer, IGI publications, USA
  • Reviewer, The Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA).
  • Reviewer CIRIEC INTERNATIONAL (International Center of Research and Information on the Public, Social and Cooperative Economy) Canada
  • Reviewer, New Century Publications, India

Official reports:

Kulothungan, G (2017), Innovation based service delivery in NHS: A strategic review, Review report for Greenwich University

Kulothungan, G (2009), Review of Youth Projects, Tower Hamlets Council, London

Kulothungan, G (2007), Evaluating Pedagogy for Practitioners, Bromley by Bow Centre, London

Kulothungan, G, 2005 Study of Healthy Living Project, Becton Community Health Project, Becton, London, January 2005

Kulothungan, G, 2004 Evaluation Report, Faith Regen UK, London, December 2004

Kulothungan, G, 2004 Business Plan 2005-2008, Basantu Outreach Project, Waltham Forest, London, September, 2004

Additional Information

Keynote addresses:

Kulothungan, G, (2006) Can you teach Social Entrepreneurship? Keynote address, at National Conference on Social Entrepreneurship, Aarhus, Denmark
Kulothungan, G, (2007) Social Entrepreneurship for Community Development, Keynote address, Regional Conference on Rural development Strategies, Dynamic Network, Madurai, India
Kulothungan, G, (2008) Social Innovation as a tool for Empowerment, Special Lecture at Roskilde Music Festival, Roskilde, Denmark
Kulothungan, G, (2010) Drucker on the primacy of Social Sector, Keynote address, Drucker Institute, Claremont University, California, USA
Kulothungan, G, (2010) Teaching Social Entrepreneurship, Keynote address, Regional Conference on Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, VIA University College, Aarhus, Denmark
Kulothungan, G, (2011) Social Innovation for Social Inclusion, Keynote address, Japan-UK Conference on Comparative study and Action research Study, at Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan
Kulothungan, G (2012) Micro processes in Social enterprises: an overview, Keynote address delivered at National Conference on Social enterprises at Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan
Kulothungan, G (2012) Social Innovation in Social Enterprises, Keynote address at National Conference on Social Entrepreneurship in Hanoi City, Vietnam
Kulothungan, G (2014) Transitioning from NGO to Social Enterprise: Strategic Reframing, Keynote address, Regional Social Innovation Conference, Dynamic Network, Chennai, India
Kulothungan, G (2016) Social Entrepreneurship: Opportunities and Challenges Keynote address at Launch Event of SESAM, Oslo, Norway
Kulothungan, G (2017) Promoting Social Economy for Social Inclusion, Keynote address at Social Economy and CSR Conference, Silkeborg Municipality, Denmark
Kulothungan, G (2018) Entrepreneurship as an empowerment tool, Lecture at Executive Development Programme, Greenwich University, London

Professional Body, Committees or roles:

Chair of Trustees: Skills Enterprise, Newham Borough, London (Charity working with immigrants and socially excluded groups; Offering training to youth in Coding and Robotics; Advice and Guidance for those on benefits)

Chairman, Jiffy Grills, a Social Enterprise in South India (A restaurant designed as a cooperative with ex-offenders and ex-addicts)

Vice-President, Phoenix Lions Club, Bangalore, India (Delivering welfare programmes in slums; working with transgender persons to upskill them; Running job fairs for youth from impoverished groups; working with corporates on CSR activities)

Chairperson, Agastya Charitable Foundation, Bangalore (Working with destitute elders, orphanages, and women’s empowerment with skills development)

Vice-President, Dynamic Network, Theni, South India (A network of 800 NGOs and Social Enterprises)

Membership of University committee(s) and task group(s):

  • Member of Research Committee, UWTSD, Current
  • Member of Research Ethics Committee, UWTSD, Current
  • Lead, International Collaborations, Centre for Institutional Studies, University of East London, 2008-2011