Dr Audsin Dhas

Dr Audsin Dhas

Dr Audsin Dhas BSc, MSc, MPhil, MBA, PhD

  • Executive Dean and Head of Campus

E-mail: a.dhas@uwtsd.ac.uk

Role in the University

  • Executive Dean and Head of London Campus and Birmingham Learning Centre


Dr Dhas is a well-qualified and experienced professional who started his career as a Mathematician and then switched over to Business Management. He has a proven track record of setting up successful and profitable systems believes in empowering others and bringing out the best in them through knowledge, training and development.

He has worked in many countries and has gained knowledge, understanding and respect for many different cultures and by practice has successfully managed across those cultures. He strongly believes in team work and is confident in bringing the best out of people working through insightful leadership, motivation, and good practices.

He has held senior positions in various organisations and has created opportunities to set up institutions and install robust cost-effective systems enabling high productivity and the right work environment.

He is always willing to take educated risks to accommodate and face challenges of the continuously changing business environment, focusing on communication technology and global integration.

Academic Interests

Dr Dhas has always felt proud of being a teacher. He has previously taught students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and supervised research dissertations. His teaching interest areas include Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, Optimisation Models, Research Methods and Strategic Management.


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