Dr Anupam Mazumdar

Dr Anupam Mazumdar BSc (Computer Science), MSc (Computer Systems and Network Engineering), DBA (Cloud Computing Adoption)

  • Lecturer
  • DBA Supervisor

E-mail: a.mazumdar@uwtsd.ac.uk

Role in the University

  • Lecturer
  • DBA Supervisor


Anupam has been working as a Computer Science and Business Management lecturer at the London campus of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David since October 2018. Before joining UWTSD, Anupam was a visiting lecturer at UK College of Business and Computing (UKCBC) since April 2018. He has been working as a visiting lecturer (part time) in various UK Higher Education institutions since 2009 and has taught different modules from the Institute for the Management of Information Systems and ACP awarding bodies.

After completing his bachelor degree from the University of Madras, Chennai, India, he worked in an education establishment in Bangladesh as a supporting English lecturer. Upon completion of his masters degree from the University of Greenwich, he has worked within the IT industry as well as a lecturer in various UK Higher Education institutions. In February 2014, he started his doctoral journey researching Cloud Computing Adoption and successfully completed his DBA in 2019.

Member of

  • Institute for the Management of Information Systems
  • ACP
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • British Computer Society

Academic Interests

Anupam has taught on various modules such as Digital Skills and Research Methods, Cloud Computing, Networking and Programming (Java, C#), Network Security and Problem Solving and Decision Making. Anupam’s special academic interest is Cloud Computing Architecture and Administration through Microsoft Azure

Research Interests

His specialist research interests include implementing technologies within business (especially in e-Commerce and e-Business), different aspects of Cloud Computing, legal aspects of computing and technology adoption, information management and qualitative research methods. 

Enterprise, Commercial & Consultancy Activities

  • Successfully developed library information system for university library (as per BSc project)
  • Successfully developed a software for niche entrepreneurs
  • Supporting small and medium business to understand the importance of implementing modern technology within businesses


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