David Coker

David Coker

David Coker

  • Programme Manager for the MSc FinTech

E-mail: d.coker@uwtsd.ac.uk

Role in the University

  • Programme Manager for the MSc FinTech
  • Lecturer in a variety of FinTech, Finance and Banking topics


David is a FinTech Pioneer and member of Global Wall Street, starting his career with Dow Jones in 1987. He moved to Deutsche Bank in the early 1990s, where he spent the bulk of his Investment Banking career as Vice President of Global Risk Management. He moved briefly to ABN AMRO before joining Moody’s Ratings Agency, where he was responsible for Global Projects and held direct revenue responsibility for consulting in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). For about 12 years David has acting as as a consultant to Investment Banks, and sells original Capital Markets Research published at regular intervals. His exceptional deep and broad background in Capital Markets and Financial Services adds insight to taught classroom experiences, where David stresses practicality and employability.

David has been programming professionally since 1980, and has a deep understanding of FinTech acquired by years of practice. He is an acknowledged thought leader, and often publishes about FinTech, Finance and Economics, as well as appearing on television.

A trained Wall Street Quant, David has practised Risk Management for some of the best financial Investment Banks on the planet. David holds an MSC Quantitative Finance (2000) as well as an MBA (2010).

Academic Interests

Linking theory and practice in teaching.

Research Interests

Equity Markets, Economics, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs and FinTech.

Enterprise, Commercial & Consultancy Activities

  • Founder and Editor of FinTech Flash News.
  • Founder of Regtech Report.
  • Currently running two Podcasts popular with students Finance Facts and FinTech Facts. 
  • Creator of original and insightful Market Research. Republished widely.