Dr Ali Mahmoud

Dr. Ali Mahmoud


Tel: 02075667600
E-mail: a.mahmoud@uwtsd.ac.uk

  • Research Supervisor for PhD/DBA programmes.
  • Chair of Exam Board for PhD/DBA programmes.
  • Internal Examiner for PhD/DBA programmes.

Dr Mahmoud is a dual PhD holder with Postdoctoral research training. He earned a Ph.D. in Marketing with a thesis titled "Factors Influencing Syrian Consumers’ Attitudes and Behaviours towards Online Advertising of Computers and Mobile Phone Products." He also received another Ph.D. in Human Resource Management with a thesis titled “A Proposed Model for the Relationships among Patient Satisfaction, and Nurses’ Job Satisfaction, Job Security, Organizational Citizenship Behaviour and Turnover Intentions – An Empirical Investigation within Private Hospitals in Damascus and Rural Damascus Governorates". Dr Mahmoud undertook his postdoctoral research training at London Business School, researching Loneliness, friendship and Facebook intrusion. He has an MRes in management sciences majoring in marketing, preceded by an MSc in financial sciences and a bachelor’s degree in economics. Dr Mahmoud is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM) and a Chartered Principal Practitioner in Business Psychology. Finally, Dr Mahmoud is keen to keep up to date with advancements in his disciplines and subsequently he keeps on attending short courses as he regards himself as an enthusiastic learner and a passionate educator who publishes in and review at many ABS Journal and leading conferences.

  • Fellow at the Higher Education Academy
  • Fellow at the Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • Principal Practitioner at the Association for Business Psychology

My tenure in teaching in higher education dates back to 2008, and I have taken up different role and gained wide experience. I’ve taught Explorations in Marketing at level I, Introduction to Business Organisations at level C, Advanced Studies in Marketing at level H, Research Methods (Course Leader) to HRM master's students including topics in social media marketing (e.g., Social Media Analytics & Metrics). Furthermore, I’ve taught a wide variety of subjects in both marketing and management at both the under- and post-graduate levels, mainly comprising: Principles of Management, HRM, OB, principles of marketing, marketing management, sales management, statistics with SPSS, quantitative marketing research, organizational culture and technological innovation, strategic management, OT, consumer behaviour, e-marketing, IMCs & advertising, PR, e-commerce, public services management, TQM, and research methods.

I have been involved in curriculum development or upgrade on three separate occasions and was recently assigned to upgrade the module syllabus for the new single honours in marketing at Liverpool Hope University on areas related to consumer behaviour, marketing research, and relationship marketing. For most modules I have taught, I was the course coordinator / module leader who designed the syllabus either solely or in collaboration with colleagues at the department and on some occasions, supplemented with a consultation with external reviewer(s). I usually focus on planning the learning experiences that students would go through to gain the required and aimed knowledge, attitudes, and skills, as well as nourishing their abilities.

My current key research focus lies in topics related to food marketing, digital consumer behaviour as well as exploring wartime effects on consumer behaviour and organisational outcomes and have several publications and working papers in this regard. I’m highly skilled with multivariate research methods and much more in motivating others to join me on research collaborations as I’m a member of some research groups around the world. Looking for research funding and grant opportunities has also been part of my academic practice. I employ a wide variety of research designs and analysis packages for quantitative or qualitative analyses (e.g., SPSS, Amos, R, Python, Nvivo, …etc.).

My tenure in teaching in higher education dates back to 2008, and I have taken up different role and gained wide experience like, London Business School, University of Liverpool, Hope Liverpool University, Queen Mary University of London, Tec de Monterrey, Dhofar University and many others. I serve as a reviewer at the following journals and conferences:

  • Information Technology & People, UK
  • Journal of Managerial Psychology, UK
  • Personnel Review, UK
  • Quality Assurance in Education, UK
  • International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising (IJIMA), UK
  • Journal of Promotion Management, USA
  • International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, UK
  • Journal of Education, Business and Society: Contemporary Middle Eastern Issues, UK (Until 2014)
  • Journal of Business: Theory & Practice, Lithuania
  • International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, UK
  • Psychology of Human Resources Journal, Romania
  • Journal of Management Development‏, UK
  • British Academy of Management, UK
  • Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, UK

South African Journal of Business Management, South Africa

Dr Mahmoud has delivered many market research and work psychology consultancies worldwide. He is also an International Research Expert at Ton Duc Thang University in Vietnam.

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