World Health Day 2022 - Our planet, our health

By Dr Eleni Koutsogeorgou, Diya Ganguly
Monday, April 11, 2022

On 7th and 9th April 2022, from 10am to 4pm, we celebrated with our students and staff of the London campus the World Health Day. According to the World Health Organization, the World Health Day theme this year was 'Our planet, our health'.

Students and staff of the London campus had the opportunity to participate in various health-related activities and discuss about health-related matters, regarding mental health, nutrition, physical health, Body Mass Index (BMI), etc. Students also benefited from fun activities on the day, such as writing their ideas on a 'share your health thoughts' board, receiving gardening gifts, wellbeing goodies bag, information about eat-well recipes, affirmation stickers/pins, and participate in a prize draw for light sports equipment.

Students and staff also received information about maintaining physical health during their studies/work, and having a correct posture when sitting at a desk.

To promote physical activity, we encouraged all students and staff to be wearing their sports gear and/or sports shoes on these two days on campus. We are pleased that the students enjoyed the event.

Students had the opportunity to engage with their peers and faculties reflecting on their mental and physical well-being. We spent some time talking about the importance of mindful eating and living, reflecting on the healing powers of mandala colourings and exploring the unique benefits of stress balls for enhancing emotional stability, concentration, creativity and finger-motor dexterity as simple examples of self-help tools that can be used in our day-to-day busy lives.

Quotes from Students:

"Very well-presented and felt welcomed by staff as I walked in." (Student - BSc Health and Social Care, Level 6 Term 3)

"I am happy to be part of Health Day in my University today." (Student - BA Leadership & Management Skills for the Workplace, Level 6 Term 1)

"I am feeling very good in myself today." (Student - CertHE Skills for the Workplace - Health & Social Care)

London Campus staff were also engaged in the activities.

Quotes from Staff:

"Impressive and positive event. Health is the most important thing and we do not realise it until we lose it. Let us take good care of it. Happy World Health Day." (Dr Anupam Mazumbar - Staff)

"Very fresh and positive ideas were presented. Would be great to do it on a day with the halls full of students!!" (Ralitsa Nikolova - Staff)

"I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a HEALTHY you! So thank you UWTSD for organising this event." (Pinar Altintas - Staff)

It was a pleasure exchanging ideas and experiences outside classes about our health and wellbeing. Many thanks to all of you who joined us in celebrating World Health Day this year, and raising awareness about improving our physical/mental health and protecting our planet.

We are looking forward to organising more similar activities for students and staff in the following terms.

Note: This initiative was part of the UWTSD's Students' Experience Enhancement Fund (SEEF).