World Autism Acceptance Week

By Abi Luck
Tuesday, March 29, 2022

This week to mark World Autism acceptance week (28th March – 4th April) we wanted to spotlight this condition which is so often misunderstood, and the way it affects many people.


Did you know that 1 in every 100 people is on the Autism Spectrum?

As one young person with Autism states on the Ambitious About Autism website:

“Autism isn’t a disease that people should be made aware about. It's a difference that society should accommodate.”

World Autism Acceptance Week 2022 | Ambitious about Autism

Typically, traits of autism are varied and the extent to which every autistic person experiences those traits will vary significantly from person to person. The National Autistic Society classifies the main indicators of autism as being:

More detail on these traits can be found on the NAS website here: What is autism? | NAS

The NAS website also has detailed information about getting tested and undergoing formal diagnosis for autism.

Autism is considered by many to be an advantage as it can in many cases indicate a high IQ, unique and creative way of thinking, and ability to have a sharp focus on one topic. With the right support, individuals with Autism can go on to achieve great things!

Did you know that actor Dan Akroyd, director Tim Burton, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, actress Darryl Hannah and TV presenter Chris Packham were/ are all on the autism spectrum??

If you think you could be on the autistic spectrum or have an existing diagnosis, you may be missing out on valuable support with your studies. We can put adjustments in place to ensure that you are not placed at a disadvantage compared to your fellow students as a result of your diagnosis.

Contact for further advice and guidance about support, beginning the diagnosis process or any other queries on accessing wider external support.