Executive MBA

The programme is designed for self-motivated managers, executives and entrepreneurs who have the determination and potential to further enhance their credentials and knowledge to become, multi-skilled global business leaders.

The programme develops a broader understanding of the nature of management, organisations and their competitive environment and hones the students’ understanding and skills in order to promote their specific professional goals whilst continuing in employment.

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Evening and weekend Block teaching

UWTSD London
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Studying on the UWTSD EMBA, students will be actively involved in learning through discussions and analysis, drawing on the multiple perspectives provided by different work experience for innovative problem solving and decision-making to make their learning experience current and relevant.

Students will learn about management challenges and practices from the perspectives of different roles, levels, organisations and industry sectors and thereby become reflective and critically analytical learners. With this 20 months long Executive MBA programme, they will pursue a rigorous curriculum, delivered by high quality faculty in the centre of London or alternatively in the centre of Swansea. The key features of the EMBA are:

  • a highly flexible programme which allows students to continue their work and study in parallel, successfully;
  • a relevant programme structure with modules focusing on business practices,  techniques and skills, which will enable students to excel and differentiate themselves among executives from all around the world;
  • a diverse student body, enabling them to learn from and study alongside different cultures and nationalities;
  • enhancement and reinforcement of students’ knowledge and experience in general management;
  • provision of 8 mandatory modules as well as the option to select 4 modules from a list of available electives;
  • students widen their professional network across the globe and
  • enhance their individual professionalism and career prospects

The Executive MBA is a 20 month long programme, which is taught part time at the London Campus.

Year one: Part 1

Compulsory modules:

  • Marketing
  • International Financial Management
  • Applied Leadership and Management
  • Economics of the Business Environment
  • People Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Data Analytics for Managers
  • Developing Entrepreneurship

Optional modules ( 4 modules from the list below)

  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Law
  • Managing Technologies
  • Modelling and Analysis for Management
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • e-Business Strategy

Year Two: Part 2

  • Dissertation, OR
  • Integrated Case Study, OR
  • Business Development Proposal

The programme is to:

  1. provide learners with an intellectually challenging and vocationally relevant learning experience which will facilitate their professional development and enhance their critical knowledge and understanding of the theoretical concepts of business and management and their utility in improving business and management practice;
  2. develop learners’ knowledge and understanding in the functional areas of management, and their interaction with the contextual forces which impact on organisations;
  3. progress learners’ understanding and development towards a strategic view of management which emphasises the complexity and dynamics of business and management;
  4. develop learners’ high level intellectual skills of information processing, critical analysis, synthesis, creativity and innovation and hone their ability to manage and make decisions in situations of ambiguity and uncertainty;
  5. develop managers who are able to improve the quality of management decision-making, leadership and business practice across a range of organisations and in a variety of contexts;
  6. enhance lifelong learning skills and personal development to enable students to work with self-direction

The programme has two parts. The taught part of the EMBA consists of a set of eight x 10 credit compulsory modules with learners given a choice of four 10 credit electives to achieve a total of 120 credits.

On successful completion of Part 1 (the taught part) of the programme, students may proceed to Part 2 which provides students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have gained and to conduct primary research in their final piece of work: either the dissertation, integrated case study project or business development proposal.

A minimum of three years managerial experience and/or experience of setting up a business or similar entrepreneurial venture;

Normally, the possession of a minimum of a 2:2 honours degree, or an appropriate equivalent, i.e. a professional qualification, from a recognised British or overseas institution;

Applicants who do not fully satisfy the general criteria will be considered and may be admitted if they are able to demonstrate that they are capable of successfully undertaking and completing the programme at the required standard, and are able to contribute fully to, and benefit from, the learning experiences delivered within the programme;

Applicants who have been taught and assessed in languages other than English should have an English language equivalent to IELTS 6.0.

The UWTSD Executive MBA is a transformational experience for students who may wish to progress within their organisation, take on new or wider ranging responsibilities, or start their own business, and this programme will provide the knowledge, insights and confidence needed to succeed anywhere in the world.